Friday, June 26, 2009



Happy birthday to my long time friend Robert.
Hope you got lots of presents!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Here is picture of my dogs. They are in Lake Tahoe. On the left there is Taffy. Monty on the right.
Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey, along came a spider and sat right beside her, and frightened Miss Muffet away.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Which outfit is the cutest?

I am taking a survey. Both of these outfits are home made by my mom. To vote just write I vote for either #1 or #2 in the comment box. You can also check out more of my mom's things on Ebay.



What should I add?

Go ahead and write a comment suggesting what I should add. You might come back and see your idea on my blog.

My first post! Getting to know me.

That's me and my cat Buddy. Unfortunately he ran away, but i do have other animals besides him. I have girl kitty named Sister, a bunny named Peter, and two schnauzers named Monty and Taffy. I don't have any pictures of my dogs.

I absolutely love American Girl dolls . I always have fun dressing and playing with them. I will post my summer photos of them tomorrow.
I have a hobby. A very expensive hobby. A hobby to dance.
Ballet is beautiful. Just how pointe dancers can hop right on to there toes. When I started ballet I wondered if I would ever be strong enough to go on pointe. Eventually my time would come and, WOW, my time is now. My first pointe class is Monday. Wish me luck! HERE ARE SOME PICTURES OF ME TRYING MY POINTE SHOES ON!
Amazingly it didn't hurt one bit! :)