Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gwen(this is for my purpose only)

The story Gwen wrote when she came here (once again my purpose) Blog was named Me, Gwen Thompson, a model?!?! and Gwen in the Garden:

I got adopted! I know a lot of people like me but they didn't have the money to buy me.( I wonder what that is.) It would be quite a different life. I mean I was a semi-model in American Girl City but now I would be a real full time model!! It would be different but I am so excited! I didn't want to tell anybody because before I was a tom-boy. Truth is I love frilly dresses and short skirts. But I didn't tell anyone especially my best friends Chrissa and Sonali. They would flip out!

I know she likes me because I am tom-boyish. One of the only reasons I like her is for her awesome clothes.

We met at soccer camp. The only reason Chrissa was there was because she was forced to. Actually I was too I just never got around to telling her. Wait I should tell you my story or how Chrissa would put adventure.

I started out in American Girl City. Now I am in Santa Clara with Chrissa and Sonali. I thought I would never see them again,but they are here! So I was opened first and the minute I saw there were other dolls I knew my eyes were sparkling! Especially when I saw Chrissa's confused eyes and Sonali's long wavy hair. Oh boy was I glad!

I was now satisfied and ready for bed. I guess knowing my friends are there relieved me enough for my body to catch up from the trip.

As I layed in my new bed thinking, I realized that this would be a new segment in the Gwenth model story.


LIVE: Live for dressing your doll.LAUGH: Laugh at their childish mistakes.LOVE: Love your dolls and they'll love you.

Chrissa( This post is for my purpose only)

This is the story Chrissa wrote when she came here ( I just want it on record)This blog was titled The Chrissa Maxwell Adventures and Chrissa on top of the world :

It's has been quite a journey to my new home. I started in a big place. Kids just like me every where.I was glad to be adopted because I was being a little bit bullied. This place was called American Girl City. Now I am in a little place called Santa Clara. The head mayor of American Girl city said I would be going to a good home to live with 11 other girls. She also said I would become a model.

First they packed me in a box. They filled it with peanuts. Everyone told me peanuts were very tasty!I had never had a peanut before.

After taping the box up they cut 2 small holes just big enough for me to breath through. I felt like I was being shipped to prison!

When I arrived my owner's mom took me and wrapped me up in pink sparkly paper. Weirdly she set me under a big plastic tree and there I waited for 2 long,boring weeks.

It was Christmas day! I still didn't know what was going on. About an hour later Claire (my new owners name) grabbed me and ripped of the paper her mom so lovingly wrapped.I knew I was now a model.

The first thing she did was put me in a fabulous dress and take me out for a photoshoot. Which is basically mme posing and her shooting. I still don't get it at all. As she took my photos she explained it all. About where I had come from and what Christmas was. It was all very entertaining. Back in American Girl City you'd never hear anything like that.

The other dolls were staring at me. I counted 26 eyes. I thought..wait..there shouldn't be that many eyes. Whose were the extra eyes. I scanned the crowd and saw my best friends Sonali and Gwen staring back smiling! Claire must have saw me smiling at her because she promtly picked me up and sat me down next to them.

I was happy they were here bacause I can't make friends in 1 day.

After Claire took her shower she put me in my pj they aparrently shipped when I came! She set me in a bed she made of card board. It is very comfortable.

I layed there thinking about all the different adventures I could have in my life of being a model.


LIVE: Live for dressing your doll.LAUGH: Laugh at their childish mistakes.LOVE: Love your dolls and they'll love you.

I feel crazy

I feel crazy. I am about to do something crazy. This is a before post just so you know big changes are coming..........

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

*Music with the band!

*WARNING post may contain many videos of music.
*WARNING don't read if you get offended easily.

As you probaly don't know I play the clarinet. I AM NOT bragging but our school is very popular for our band. We are known for our music and for our teacher David Ladd Anderson. Before he taught at Buchser Middle School ( yes I am telling you this because I trust you) he had his own radio station and had any cds of him recorded. Because of our school's high status in the music world our band has been invited to perform in Disneyland for 12 years. I have gone once already and am definately going every year I am at Buchser.

My first year I had my two best friends Emmy and Claire (she does have the same name as me) to have the experience with along with my mom who said she would chaperone. It was amazingly fun going three days in both parks with my bffs! Of course I did have two shows through out the weekend and I was required to watch our other bands Jazz and Ambassadors but I enjoyed their shows thoroughly. I wanted to share some Youtube videos of us at Disney Land before I move on.

I can't put the videos on this post so I will give you the links at the end.

This year my experience is very different I am in our Advanced symphonic band and our extra credit Ambassadors band. SO much more fun songs and yet soo much harder. We are working on William Tell and Titanic and Indiana Jones. I am in love with band class third period.

I wanted to share band with you because it is a huge part of me! And the chances are if you Youtube Buchser we will be the drop down menu and you might be watching me.


(I do not own these videos I plan on taking my own this year in Disney)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Me and mom's business


How are you all? Today I want to share me and my mom's business with you! Starting back when my mom didn't have me.

Back then my mom had a small business called Sugar Bottom. She sold vintage little things and all sorts of stuff but what would interest you would be her doll clothes. The doll clothes she made were beautiful! She put her business on a hold while she went to school but now she's coming back! We have been collecting little things here and there to sell on Etsy and Ebay. I have to admit I got some cute things to keep though too! I can't give you those links because they aren't opened yet. They will be soon though! What I can give is the link to our new blog Sugar Bottom (of course) please follow as the blog will be updated whenever we have new items. FOr more story go to Sugar Bottom.

I have been taking lots of pictures of things to sell and also a very special new girl...or new girls! =)
Meet Alice! =) She was a craiglist find for $40! It's kind of funny that when we went to get her we knew the lady who was selling her! I couldn't pass her up! My latest garage sale finds! These cuties were 3.50 each!

The one on the left is a Zapf doll and the other is a Gotz! They look like twins so in my world they're Alice's baby sisters.Her hair was a knot-ball before!Her not so bad!

The bangs were pretty bad though! But a little brushing took care of that!

Her bangs had hair spray in them that I couldn't get out. =( But it looks okay.

Alexis's (Lexi for short)hair after! Beautiful! It's feels like Elizabeth's hair!

Isabel's hair. I am telling you this is a bad picture!

The sisters!Izzy!
Alice with her Alice doll! Another G.S. find!

Alice in Wonderland dolls! Love them!Rockhopper for the Club Penguin fans! Want to meet up? I am Alexis Sky1!
I got this at a thrift store! The red chair I mean I already had the pink one! HAHAMy belle doll! She is the size of a Kelly! She is in one of my mom's awesome Kish Creations!
My doll sized stage! EEP! I Love it!
OI! Oh well Bye for now! Also Alice has her own blog on a new page of course you can't comment but that's not a problem since nobody EVER comments here! But check it out okay!

LIVE: Live for dressing your doll.LAUGH: Laugh at their childish mistakes.LOVE: Love your dolls and they'll love you.